Upcoming Performances

We have a busy concert season ahead of us! Please note the following information regarding our three year-end performances (School Leaving Ceremony, Spring Concert, and Jazz Night):

School Leaving Ceremony
It is Cariboo Hill tradition to have our Senior Concert Band perform for our grads at the Leaving Ceremony. This year, I would like to invite the Junior Band members to join us. They will help fill in some holes in instrumentation (our graduating music students do not play with us on this day), and it will be a nice opportunity for our Grade 9 students to perform with the seniors who they will be joining next year. This is not mandatory for the Junior Band, however, efforts to attend will be greatly appreciated.
Date: Sunday, May 27
Location: Bill Copeland Sports Complex (3676 Kensington Ave.)
Time: students will need to arrive for a sound check at 12:00pm. The ceremony begins at 2:00pm, and should be done by 3:30pm.
Dress: all-black ((including black shoes and socks!)

Spring Concert
Please note that the date of our final concert has moved from May 24 to May 30.
Date: Wednesday, May 30
Location: Cariboo Hill Small Gym
Time: Students will need to arrive by 6:30pm; performance begins at 7:00pm
Dress: All-black
Cost: Admission will be by donation. Snacks and drinks will also be available from our concession.

Jazz Night
This year, we will have our first Jazz Night, featuring our Junior Jazz Band and our Senior Jazz Combo. This night will require more set-up and organization than our usual performances. If you are interested in helping-out, please let me know.
Date: Wednesday, June 6
Location: Cariboo Hill Cafeteria
Time: Students will need to arrive by 7:00pm, concert begins at 7:30pm
Dress: black bottom, solid-coloured top (no logos, designs, or patterns).
Cost: $10 per ticket. Tickets will be on sale in May.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our busy performance season. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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