Department Policies

Below are the music department’s policies and expectations. For a PDF version, please click here

Attendance & Punctuality

Regular attendance of rehearsals is essential to ensemble success. Please show respect to your fellow musicians by arriving to class with plenty of time to set-up your instrument and warm-up. If you are sick, please stay home and rest. However, if you are well enough to attend all your other classes, you are well enough to attend your band classes. Continued unexcused absences or tardiness will result in a parent/teacher interview. 

Rehearsal Times

Senior Band: Monday & Thursday 7:15am
Choir: Tuesday & Friday 7:15am
Jazz Band: Monday 3:15pm & Wednesday 7:15am

Scheduling Conflicts

Please check our calendar dates now for potential conflicts. Students are expected to make every effort to attend every performance. If a prior commitment conflicts with a performance date, a written notice from a parent/guardian explaining the circumstances must be given to the teacher at least one month in advance.

Ensemble Awareness

Attitude goes a long way in a music class. Always keep in mind that we are a team; the success of the ensemble relies on the individual efforts of each member. Students are expected to always show respect for other ensemble members, and demonstrate responsible behaviour in class, at concerts, and on tours.

Practice Time

Personal practice is your homework for band class, and like all other homework, it should be done on a regular basis in order to be prepared for each class. The purpose of a rehearsal is to work on ensemble issues, it is not the time for individuals to be learning their notes! If necessary, practice journals will be assigned. Class preparation is a large part of your professional qualities mark.


Students in Senior Band and Choir will be required to attend two sectionals a month. Section leaders will be decided in early September, and they will arrange sectional times and monitor attendance. 

Personal Equipment

For a full list of required equipment, please check our handbook, available here

Please clearly mark your name on your instrument and other equipment. It is the student’s responsibility to care for their instrument and keep it in good working order (rented instruments will come with a care/cleaning kit). If you are unsure of how to properly care for your instrument, please ask Ms. Brown. Required materials for each instrument are listed below.

Concert Dress

The majority of our performances are formal, and students are expected to dress appropriately and conservatively. Clothing with rips, tears, patterns, or logos is not permitted. Our performances are about the music – our clothing should not be distracting in any way!

Junior Band
Black bottoms, black shoes, white top

Senior Band, Choir & Jazz Band
Black bottoms, black shoes, black top