Required Materials

In September, you will need to acquire the following equipment for your student:

  • Instrument: only rent/purchase an instrument once your child has confirmed their choice with Ms. Brown. Only rent/purchase from reputable music stores (Long & McQuade, Tom Lee Music, Massullo Music, Tapestry Music, Matterhorn Music). The district has a limited number of instruments available for rent. Please speak to Ms. Brown if you are wanting a district instrument.
  • Accessories:
    • Students playing reed instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone) will need to purchase a box of reeds for their instrument. Most students will start with size #2 reeds – please have 3 for the beginning of the year. After our first month or so of playing, students may require the next size up. At that time, please purchase a box of reeds from a music store. I will have a limited number of reeds available for purchase.
    • Rented or purchased instruments will come with a cleaning kit – please do not use these materials until Ms. Brown has covered proper use.
  • *Optional* Folding music stand: If possible, it is a good idea to purchase a folding music stand. This makes home practice easier and encourages proper posture.

**Please contact Ms. Brown if these materials are too much of a financial strain for your family. No student will ever be denied the chance to take band!**